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Care & Fair - Child-Free Labour

CARE & FAIR is an initiative against illegal Child Labour and for the support of people working in the carpet production industries in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Our contribution funds are used for school and training projects as well as for measures of basic medical care in the rural knotting regions often neglected by local governments.

Each year we contribute enough to fund half an entire school of 320 students for a full year and 90 % of all contributions go directly to front line projects.

At present, CARE & FAIR supports 18 school projects, 10 health projects and 2 adult education projects. The standard of our institutions generally lies above the standard of public institutions. All our schools are equipped with tables and benches, and the pupils generally do not pay any tuition.

The whole team at The Rug Establishment are very proud of our support for this wonderful charity and guarantee no child labour has been used in the production of our beautiful rugs.

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