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Bellano Petrol

A simple, minimalistic design highlighted by a soft rustic sheen, our Bellano exudes an informal elegance. Hand loomed from wool and bamboo silk by skilled artisans, this rug is able to be customised with or without a border to add more or less texture to your space. The Bellano is an ideal piece to add a feeling of casual elegance.

Bellano Stock pieces come with fringe as standard.

Deep denim blue and grey come together for an effortless contemporary yet elegant design.

Bellano is not recommended for use under a dining table.

Multiple sizes available, please contact us for sizes and pricing details

Bellano Petrol Overview

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Bellano Petrol Details

NZ Wool & Bamboo Silk
Hand Loomed
Pile Height
Made In
Bhadohi, India
Custom Category

Customisation Options

Resize this design to suit any space
Choose from thousands of colours
This design can be cut to any shape

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