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Can you copy this design? (from another company)

3 December 2019

We are often asked if we can ‘copy’ a design from an existing rug (not designed by The Rug Establishment) and the simple answer is:

“Yes, we could but we won’t”


Because we know ourselves how much time and effort goes into designing...

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Does The Rug Establishment hold sales?

20 November 2019

Our team at The Rug Establishment are often asked if we do ‘Annual Sales’ or ‘January Sales’ or any other kind of sale you can imagine!

Let’s face it, rug companies do have an unfortunate reputation in this regard, BUT we at The Rug...

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What is a standard rug size?

5 November 2019

The simple answer is that there is no ‘standard’ size!

Whilst we do sell rugs in ‘stock sizes’ this does not mean that a standard size applies, the reason?

No one room or house is the same. Over the years we have discovered that certain...

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What is two-tone Handspun rugs?

20 October 2019

Two-tone handspun wool absorbs colour in varying degrees of density and allows the natural variations in the original yarn to come through. This combines to produce a beautiful organic two-toned effect which provides a natural and aesthetically...

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What is a stippled luxury rug?

11 October 2019

This is a technique where 2-3 tufts of different coloured yarn, or indeed different yarns (wool and silk) are combined to give the design a stylish dimensional look. Stippling can be used in different degrees of colour density to create shading...

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Why would I space dye a rug?

6 October 2019

This is a dying technique for thicker yarn. The process allows for different colours to be applied at intervals along the length of the yarn. When the yarn is subsequently woven it presents a unique and varied colour finish to your custom rug....

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