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Run Away With Me - A Guide to Hall Runners

22 February 2021

A Hallway runner is the ultimate entry piece that welcomes your guests and commands conversational admiration. It also gets the most wear and tear as your puppy races up and down to bark at delivery guys.

As hallways are all different widths and...

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Minimalist Style - How to place Rugs

1 February 2021

Minimalist design style can be described by utilising clean shapes, lines and textures in a conservative way to create a calming atmosphere that brings the mind and soul back to basics.

When designing a minimalistic setting choose light and...

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Choosing/Buying Black Rugs

25 January 2021

There are many reasons why a black rug is a solid investment for your home and in your space. Paired well with minimalist monochromatic design schemes a black rug is always going to be timeless and add an understated warmth and elegance. There...

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What is a Luxury Rug?

18 January 2021

At The Rug Establishment we have more than our fair share of stunning rugs. All of our beautiful rugs are handcrafted by artisans and are the epitome of ‘Luxury’.

Luxury rugs for us are handmade, handspun and made from high quality...

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Hamptons Style

11 January 2021

The Hamptons style has been around for sometime and is always adapting to meet current design and architectural trends. Developers are leaning into this style to create spaces with a sense of luxury, higher American-style ceilings and extra wide...

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Rugs Living Large

4 January 2021

The Rug Establishment showrooms have the largest collection of ready to buy large, extra large and extra extra large rugs in Australia. These mammoth rugs start in size from 2200mm wide and continue up in size to 3200mm wide and are available...

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Exotic & Stylish Rugs

24 December 2020

Would you like to bring something striking, exciting, or mysteriously different and unusual into that “special” space?

The Rug Establishment’s exotic rugs conform to current fashion and go above and beyond - providing depth through varied...

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