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How to use rugs in Open Planned living?

10 May 2021

Many homes have moved away from the traditional home that is broken up into individual rooms that are used for specific reasons. It is less common to see dining rooms and living rooms separate from each other.

This means you can have fun and...

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Striped Rugs

3 May 2021

Striped Rugs

Have you ever worn a horizontal striped shirt and wondered why you looked a little wider than usual? This same concept carries over to interior decoration!

Nasser Black

Striped patterns on your floors work the same way as they do on...

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Where to use a Round Rug

12 April 2021

When it comes to rug selection the most popular shape is, without doubt, a rectangle. You will find this shape in almost every home and almost every room. Whilst a rectangular rug does lend itself to numerous applications there are other options!...

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Patterned or Plain Rugs

29 March 2021

We are often asked by clients whether they should opt for a rug with a pattern or something plain. The final choice is, of course, whatever suits your own individual taste but there are some things to consider.

Patterns and colours can...

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Care & Fair Update

15 March 2021

Since 2015 The Rug Establishment has exclusively supported the Care & Fair Carpet XL School.


Year Established – 2009Free Education Program – Class – 1 to 8Students – 341 - 185 Boys &156 GirlsPassing Out : 44 students - go to...

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