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What is the perfect rug for my dining area?

7 January 2020

The right rug choice for your dining room needs careful consideration to enhance your decor as well as being practical in an area that gets frequent use and has furniture and shoes dragged over it.

Some points to remember as a guide:

* the size

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How can I prevent my rug fading?

1 January 2020

Will my rug fade from the sun?

Extended exposure to light can and will result in some level of fading over time. By far the most damaging is UV light, most commonly natural sunlight. The same effect will be seen regardless of the dying process or...

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Can you recommend a reputable rug cleaner?

17 December 2019

Although general day to day maintenance is usually all that is required for your rug there are occasions where a professional clean is required. This can include situations where spills have gone unnoticed and leave slight stains or odours when...

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How do I clean a spill on my rug?

12 December 2019

When something is spilt on your rug.

In the event that an accidental spill has happened or food has been dropped on your hand crafted rug, time will be of the essence and there are some simple steps by which you can follow to avoid your rug...

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Can you copy this design? (from another company)

3 December 2019

We are often asked if we can ‘copy’ a design from an existing rug (not designed by The Rug Establishment) and the simple answer is:

“Yes, we could but we won’t”


Because we know ourselves how much time and effort goes into designing...

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Does The Rug Establishment hold sales?

20 November 2019

Our team at The Rug Establishment are often asked if we do ‘Annual Sales’ or ‘January Sales’ or any other kind of sale you can imagine!

Let’s face it, rug companies do have an unfortunate reputation in this regard, BUT we at The Rug...

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What is a standard rug size?

5 November 2019

The simple answer is that there is no ‘standard’ size!

Whilst we do sell rugs in ‘stock sizes’ this does not mean that a standard size applies, the reason?

No one room or house is the same. Over the years we have discovered that certain...

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