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What is two-tone Handspun rugs?

20 October 2019

Two-tone handspun wool absorbs colour in varying degrees of density and allows the natural variations in the original yarn to come through. This combines to produce a beautiful organic two-toned effect which provides a natural and aesthetically...

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What is a stippled luxury rug?

11 October 2019

This is a technique where 2-3 tufts of different coloured yarn, or indeed different yarns (wool and silk) are combined to give the design a stylish dimensional look. Stippling can be used in different degrees of colour density to create shading...

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Why would I space dye a rug?

6 October 2019

This is a dying technique for thicker yarn. The process allows for different colours to be applied at intervals along the length of the yarn. When the yarn is subsequently woven it presents a unique and varied colour finish to your custom rug....

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Why do we used polished wool in our luxury rugs?

27 September 2019

The Rug Establishment and Polished Wool.

Our expert craftsmen double wash (and sometimes triple wash) a designer rug until a luxurious sheen is achieved to give hand knotted-rugs a polished appearance. This effect is highly beneficial when a wool...

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Carving our Luxury Designer Rugs

22 September 2019

At The Rug Establishment, our expert craftsmen can create many effects that give our luxury designer rugs different looks and finishes. Here are some photos and descriptions of our special carving techniques used on our rugs:

Fine carving: is a...

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How to stop your rug from moving

13 September 2019

The Rug Establishment supplies Teebaud, a non-skid reversible rug underlay suitable for carpets and all flooring. It stops your rug from sliding and bunching up, which can be a real safety hazard. Teebaud is thin and not noticeable under rugs and...

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Pet Urine and your rug.

9 September 2019

Area rugs are beautiful decor items that ties your room together and while regular care and cleaning is easy, your furry loveable pets can be the biggest problem.

Animal urine on a rug, especially natural fibre rugs like ours, often causes damage...

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Make your Own Custom Rug San Francisco

24 August 2019

The custom designer rug process:

The Rug Establishment is recognised around the world for their experience in custom designer floor rugs and hall runners. Specifically we specialise in custom handcrafted rugs including hand-knotted, hand-tufted...

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