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Mina Gold

Suzanis are known for their strong colours, design and original exotic patterns, based on the traditional art and craft by women in Central Asia. Believed to have originated in the central valleys of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan - the term is derived from the Persian word for needlework, “suzanikari”. The Suzani style has been returning to fashion in textiles and rugs since gaining independence in the 1990’s. We are so glad it has found its place in our collections.

With an exquisite floral motif, Mina adds a sense of grandeur as well as sumptuous feeling underfoot as you move between spaces.

Bright fun colours evoking global travels and saffron flowers at the market place.

Multiple sizes available, please contact us for sizes and pricing details

Mina Gold Overview

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Mina Gold Details

7/7 Persian Knot
Pile Height
Made In
Bhadohi, India
Custom Category

Customisation Options

Resize this design to suit any space
Choose from thousands of colours
This design can be cut to any shape

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