How to select a rug

24 May 2021

With so many different manufacturing qualities, designs, and fibres available, many people are not sure where to start when looking for a rug.

Red and orange ombre luxury rug
Milford Rainbow

Follow this simple guide to ensure you purchase the perfect rug for your home:


Do you have pets? Cats claw, so stick to cut pile (no loop), and puppies can have accidents so you should aim for 100% NZ wool. Avoid art silk which is hard to clean.

Silver and grey luxury wool rug
Alamere Dust

Will there be eating or drinking in the area? If yes, aim for high-quality wool. NZ Wool is lanolin-rich and is therefore naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Luxurious soft mohair indigo blue rug
Tenero Indigo

Will it be a high-traffic area? Are there young kids? If yes, you want good quality fibre that won’t shed as well as a solid manufacture quality. Hand-knotted is hardier than woven and wool is better than art silk or jute, which is quite a delicate fibre.

Luxurious mohair indigo blue rug
Tenero Indigo


There are two ways to look at a rug.

A piece of art for your floor:

This is good for spaces that are fairly minimal, where there's not a lot of art on the walls or extra decor items. The rug can be the visual focus so you can choose a design that resonates with you style-wise (contemporary v traditional) and has colours that complement existing items.

Traditional Persian knot luxury red and gold rug
Bidjar Slumber

Wool and silk grey and gold luxury rug
Eminent Gilded

A nifty bit of interior decorating that simply pulls everything else together:

This is a good way to approach busy spaces that already have lots of eye-catching items. Choose a simpler design or a single colour with either a texture or a border that taps into other tones present in the space. If your sofa is textured opt for a plain colour rug, if your sofa is a single flat colour, aim for a textured rug. It’s all about balance and complementing.

Wool and silk elegant charcoal rug
Neptune Charcoal

Wool and silk modern black and white tribal design rug
Nianco Black


The rug is also an opportunity to unite furniture elements together to create an inviting space. Have the rug sit under the furniture (either one or two thirds of the sofa depth) to eliminate the negative spaces between furniture.


Be prepared. Bring photos of your space to the rug showroom. Have the measurements of your sofa, coffee table, and room handy as well as any swatches of your sofa fabric, curtains, and floorboard samples. You could even bring in a cushion from your sofa! A good design professional will use all this information in-store to guide you to the right choice.


Ensure you know how to care for your rug. Spills should be attended to immediately.  Do not scrub, as this disturbs the ply of the fibre which will change its appearance. Hand-knotted rugs can be washed by professional rug cleaners. When vacuuming, remove any brush or beater head attachments as these can cause a rug to shed, damaging the fibres.


Never underestimate the importance of a design resonating with you emotionally. A rug should make you smile and should be enjoyed.

Luxury wool fun multi coloured rug
Custom Design

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