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17 May 2021


Red is a striking colour [one of the most visible in the colour spectrum next to yellow] and instantly grabs people's attention. The colour is associated with energy, passion, love and words like unique, deep, rich and luscious.

Pink and Red luxury custom rug
Ella Pink Custom

Shades of red rug can be a very effective base for decorating and enriching a room's atmosphere whilst leaving a dramatic impression.

Red rugs have the ability to bring a sense of warmth and vibrancy to any space.

Red and orange modern tribal rug
Anisa Red

Utilising red as a hero piece or simply pairing with other complimentary colours can form a dynamic contemporary living space.....

Bold and vivid pink, red and orange luxury rug
Deheem French Rose

and pair with a plain red rug to compliment the scheme in other areas ........

Crimson and navy blue textured rug
Melba Crimson

Rustic red highlights integrated with mild earthy tones of yellow & orange can bring a sense of sophistication to a rustic scheme, providing an ambience of luxury & elegance.

Traditional motif red, blue and yellow rug
Mirza Citrine
Traditional floral motife red, blue and yellow runner
Mina Ruby

Red was used in traditional Persian rugs to create a rich colour that filled people with joy & courage whilst also symbolising luck in many Asian countries.

Jewel toned luxury knotted rug
Bidjar Eddy

Red is a unique colour steeped in brave, be bold and choose red!

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