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Golden Luxury Rugs creates hues of warmth

3 June 2020

The first recorded use of golden as a colour name in English was in 1300 to refer to the element gold and in 1423 to refer to blonde hair (source Wikipedia). Since then the word golden has been used to refer to something of high value and is considered exotic and luxurious.

At The Rug Establishment we love to use golden hues to add texture and depth to our luxury rugs. The sheen of gold creates a feeling of opulence and grandeur.

Here is a selection of our Golden Luxury Rugs:

Marmo Ice

Bianco Frost

Cumulus Pearl Gold

Dominica Gold

Marmo Grey Gold

Pyrenees Gold

Sencillo Saffron

Vicenza Bronze Gold

To View More Golden Rugs CLICK HERE

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