Peaceful Pinks

6 December 2021

wool, textured, soft pink, blush rug
Barbary Blush

Once only seen in little girls' bedrooms the emergence of stunning pink rug options has been something of a revelation.

Wool, abrash, modern, soft pink, musk rug
Sencillo Musk

Pink is a very calming, peaceful colour and using this colour as a feature in your room can create a sense of calm and restfulness.

Ombre, wool, pastel colours, contemporary rug
Napier Cable Beach

Whilst it is a great option for a bedroom this is by no means the only area where the subtle, calming presence of pink can be utilised.

Wool and Silk, modern floral, luxury rug
Magnolia. Amour

Main living areas and dining rooms are perfect spaces to incorporate these tones - everyone loves a restful space!

Wool and Silk, geometric, pastel colours rug
Remi Olive

So, whether is is a solid, single colour rug or a subtle bending with other calming tones - Peaceful Pink is your go to option.

Wool, abrash, soft pink, musk rug
Sencillo Musk

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