Tibetan and Persian Hand Knotted Rugs

10 October 2016

What makes a hand knotted rug so special is because it requires centuries' old skill passed down by many generations to modern artisans. Hand knotted rugs follow the traditional process of rug making, requiring skill and a lot of time to produce.

Weaving can take many weeks depending on the design, colours, fibres chosen and the shape of the rug. Every knot is individually hand tied, with the master weavers following a hand drawn design map to complete the design with accuracy.

Modern nature bird rug

Hummingbird Sapphire Persian knotted rug

The number of knots determine the value of the rug because of the amount of time and skill required. Our hand knotted rugs are either Persian knotted or Tibetan knotted.

Modern pink purple rug

Khushi Multi Pink Persian knotted rug

Persian knots, also referred to as Senneh knots, are asymmetrical and does not leave any gaps. The weave is finer and is used for intricate designs, especially those with curved lines and small florals. Persian knotted rugs are typically made in rural knotting communities and requires the most time – at least a few months – to handcraft out of all of our construction methods.

Carved neutral rug

Casa Harmony 45 knot Tibetan rug

ikat blue rug

Ikat Azure 60 knot Tibetan rug

Tibetan knots are made by looping yarn around a temporary rod placed in front of the warp and woven through two warps. This type of knotting is suited for modern designs and although takes less time than Persian knotted rugs to make, still requires skill and more time than hand tufted rugs to make.

Modern blue grey rug

Kensington Blue 80 knot Tibetan rug

Our Tibetan knotted rugs come in 45, 60, 80, 100 and 120 knot density or qualities with 80 knot being the most popular, generally taking 77 days to produce.

Floral design purple rug

Petals Mauve 100 knot Tibetan rug

Modern abstract green teal rug

Claremont Teal 120 knot Tibetan rug

Intricate designs like our popular Claremont take around 120 days. You can't pick which density though, it depends on the design!

Due to the bespoke nature of handcrafted rugs, the size of handmade rugs can vary up to 3% and can also expand and contract due to temperature and humidity variations while in transit. This is just one of the characteristics of handmade rugs, just like the way the colours seem to change depending on the lighting.

Hand knotted rugs are considered investment pieces due to the meticulous weaving techniques and quality yarns, creating beautiful rugs to last and become treasured pieces of your home.

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