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Warm Up with Red

14 June 2018

Red commands attention and is a vibrant addition to your interior. This colour creates a sense of warmth and can feel contemporary, traditional, rustic or timeless, depending on the shade and context of the placement.

Generally, a bold, bright red that makes you feel energised and alive is considered modern. While darker, subtle reds like burgundy and maroon are traditional since they evoke a cosy, older century vibe.

Sorrel and Louis

Our Sorrel and Louis Red White are perfect pieces if you want to add this bold shade to your space. Featuring geometric patterns and striking tones, Sorrel and Louis in red are suited to contemporary interiors.

If you’re after something more traditional with designs that date back centuries, Kazbek and Madura are both elegant pieces with a majestic quality.

Kazbek Red

Anisa is another piece that can easily fit in with both contemporary and traditional looks. Featuring beautiful sari silk in its design inspired by ancient tribal and bohemian patterns and kilims, Anisa creates a stunning feminine touch.

Otherwise you can always custom colour a design from our library!

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