Care & Fair Update

15 March 2021

Since 2015 The Rug Establishment has exclusively supported the Care & Fair Carpet XL School.


  • Year Established – 2009
  • Free Education Program – Class – 1 to 8
  • Students – 341 - 185 Boys &156 Girls
  • Passing Out : 44 students - go to further studies
  • Staff – (17) 10 Teachers & 7 Other Staff

For many people throughout the world 2020 was a harrowing year - it certainly was for our Students, Teachers and Staff. 

The State Government ordered a shutdown on the 17th March.

    During the lockdown period the teachers and guardians attempted to take classes via WhatsApp but this had minimal success due to the lack of access to mobile phones. Each family may have one phone that the Father takes during the workday and computers are very rare. For those few who did have mobile phones, the issue of poor network connectivity meant the process was ineffective. Faced with these issues the Teachers knuckled down and found an alternative, this is what they undertook:

    April 2020

    • Evaluation of annual answer sheets of Classes 1 to 7
    • Warning against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

    May 2020

    • Spreading awareness regarding the use of masks, sanitisers and social distancing among students and their guardians living nearby.
    • Distribution of masks to the students and guardians while following the necessary precautions.
    • Encouraging the students in villages to continue their reading and learning process while following all the necessary precautions against COVID- 19

    June 2020

    • Preparation and door-to-door distribution of report cards to the students.
    • Due to the coming in of people from other states into the villages, our teachers encouraged immigrants to undergo a 14-day quarantine period and warned the villagers to maintain distance from them.
    • Contacting the village head, administration and health department to turn Primary schools, Junior-High schools and Panchayat Bhavan (village secretariat) into quarantine centres for the immigrants.
    • Weekly Sanitation and maintenance of plants and trees.
    • Undergoing a one-day training period in the last week of June to make a short educational film regarding the teaching process.
    • Awareness regarding safety against Coronavirus was shared amongst students and guardians.
    • As a result of these commendable efforts, the nearby villages did not witness any cases of Coronavirus.

    July 2020

    • Surveying villages for new admissions into Class-1 and forming a list of selected students.
    • Preparation of attendance registers in light of new admissions into classes.
    • Distribution of books and copy while following the necessary precautions.
    • Training provided by the institution to make worksheets via computer which were subsequently distributed among students.
    • The students were asked to solve the worksheets from their homes. Any doubts faced by the students were addressed and the worksheets were then evaluated.
    • Urging the guardians to continuously motivate their children to study and spend time with them for the same so that his / her learning process continues.
    • From July all the educational institutions were allowed to open under strict guidelines issued by the State Government, similar to most countries, social distancing, masks, sanitisers and limited social gathering.

    August - December 2020

    • Participation of teachers in the Spoken English Training Programme (up until mid-October), then completing the work assigned in the Spoken English Training Programme.
    • Training imparted by the computer teacher to other teachers regarding basic operation of computers, projector & mobile applications.
    • Book distribution and evaluation of worksheets.
    • Preparation and distribution of model paper to the students as per the instructions of the authorities.
    • Brainstorming ideas regarding operation of community education centres and selecting a suitable place for it.
    • Distribution of model paper on the selected community centres.
    • Teaching students within groups of 10 or 12 while following necessary precautions and also encouraging the students to do so.
    • Distribution of model papers to students of classes 6th, 7th, and 8th and helping students in solving them.
    • Evaluation of the answers and preparation of subsequent model papers.
    • Students making New Year cards.

    The Guardians of the Garauli village students have shown their gratitude towards Care & Fair via The Rug Establishment’s funding for not only guiding them and helping during the pandemic of Covid-19 but also teaching the children by going to their home and distributing books and worksheets.

    Our teachers will continue with worksheets for the children and they will try and have the children onsite for short periods to play organised games and engage in craft workshops. This has been a good time to see how teachers can be creative and come up with interesting ways to teach the students when they are no longer at the school.

    As the sponsor for all the funding at the Carpet XL School, we are grateful to all our clients in Australia, USA, China and other far reaching areas of the world for their continued support since 2015. This support has allowed us to continue funding even during the most unimaginable situations of a pandemic. We are grateful to be able to support the children from the area where our handcrafted rugs are predominantly made.

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