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Peony Yale

The Hamptons style of yesteryear is predominantly classified by layering crisp whites, sea blues, nautical themes and natural elements. These qualities are still suggested in this evolution of the style, but in a softer, less obvious way making it feel richer and more up to date. A modern Hamptons styled home incorporates a medley of hues, embraces new patterns and adds texture sensibly to soften the look, keeping it calm and serene. Think warm whites and creamy beiges intermingled with cool colours, neutral greys and even pops of black, gold, lavender and mustard. Think classic wood panelling mixed with marble, antique metals, rattan, linen and stone. A clever balance of materials, patterns and textures is key to resolving the space and evoking a feeling of relaxed, coastal sophistication.

Peony Yale reveals a traditional floral pattern woven in tones of soft sky and indigo blues with highlights of mid grey atop a creamy beige base.

Multiple sizes available, please contact us for sizes and pricing details

Peony Yale Overview

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Peony Yale Details

NZ Wool
5/5 Persian Knot
Pile Height
Made In
Bhadohi, India
Custom Category

Customisation Options

Resize this design to suit any space
Choose from thousands of colours
This design can be custom made in any shape

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