Brighten up a Dull Day

8 May 2023

With Winter fast approaching, and the days getting shorter, now is the time to brighten up the inside of your home.

Hand knotted, wool, textured, orange, blue luxury rug
Melba Sunset Blue

One of the simplest ways to inject a burst of colour is to incorporate a brightly coloured rug into your space, this can instantly transform the area and lighten the mood.

Hand knotted, wool and silk, vibrant, colourful, pink, orange, blue, charcoal rug
Deheem French Rose

Embrace the rich tones and textures, it may be dull and dreary, or even wet and windy outside, but within your home you can create a light and welcoming ambiance to chase the blues away.

hand knotted, vivid, geometric, multi coloured rug
Fractal Vivid

No matter if your space is large and open plan:

Hand knotted, silk, vibrant, blue, ochre, peach rug
Amazon Tropic

....or small and intimate

Hand knotted, silk, luxury pile, vibrant, pink, orange rug
Carnaval Sunset

Adding that extra special rug can work wonders!

Hand knotted, unique, textures, wool and silk, pink, neutral rug

Pop into your local showroom or check our website for inspiration!

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