Cosy up your Bedroom - Get a Rug

28 March 2022

A rug has the power to effortlessly transform a space, pretty much any area in your home can benefit with this addition.

Luxury, soft neutrals, silk finish, bedroom rug
Custom Art Silk

Bedrooms especially benefit hugely, not just by adding warmth and making it a cosier space, but helping with insulation, reducing echos and trapping warmth during the cooler months.

High pile, soft pink, textured, wool rug
Barbary Blush

They give your feet a soft spot to land on first thing in the morning, far more appealing than hardwood floors and significantly dampening noise in your space. They protect the floor from scuffs and scratches, whilst helping define the space.

High pile, creamy white, textured wool rug
Barbary Ivory

Not only can they change the look and mood, they add colour, life and personality - a super easy way to change the feel without breaking the bank. They make a bedroom feel connected and cohesive by tying all the elements together.

Custom wool and silk bedroom rug
Custom Wool and Silk

Last but not least “Aesthetics” be it bold, patterned or understated, they can complement other soft furnishings, add a much needed contrast or subdued simplicity and can most certainly be the centrepiece in your bedroom.

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