Redesigning a space? Why you should always consider starting with the rug

4 April 2022

Most often clients have a hard time matching their space with the perfect rug. But have you considered starting with the rug first?

Hand Knotted, wool rug, rich autumn tones
Leaf Drop Autumn

If you are designing a space from scratch, it would be a good idea to generally start with the rug. As it can set the mood, tone with colour, composition, and size.

High pile, luxury wool rug, pastel colours
Nuvola Blush

An area rug is a textile floor covering and the perfect companion for a hard-surface flooring. Rugs provide a functional comfort and warmth as well as potential decorative styling devices and create “artwork on the floor”.

Wool and silk, hand knotted luxury rug, neutral and charcoal tones
Cumulus Granite

Not only do rugs make a statement piece. They also define zones and absorb sound, rugs can anchor a room and infuse it with personality, style, and warmth.

Hanf Knotted, luxury wool rug, geometric, bold
Magnussen Flow

In an open plan layout, rugs can define a space within a larger space.

Hand Knotted, wool and silk, geometric, strong lines,
Conway Rust

Rugs are often overlooked when redesigning a space. it is often chosen as an afterthought when the sofa and coffee table have already been purchased.

Hand Knotted, luxury rug, subtle flowing design i light charcoal and neurtal colours
Marmo Carbon

Rugs can be the ultimate style tool and one of the more expensive, and therefore effective, pieces you can purchase for your space.

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