Does my rug have to be rectangular?

29 August 2022

We've found that most people asking for advice about rugs are unsure about two main things: Rug shape and size.

Round, hand knotted, wool and silk, neutral rug
Custom Greek Key

The most popular shape is rectangular for most areas of the home - whether it be living, dining hallways or bedrooms.

Round rug, Bamboo Silk, hand woven, neutral colours
Custom Cassia Antique

However, alternative and bespoke shapes can create a unique and personalised feel in your home that can add a point of interest to your room.

A round rug has become largely popular in dining table settings and entranceways.

Round rug, hand knotted, sea inspired, blue and neutral
Custom Sea Foam Yale

If you're feeling extra creative you can custom design a rug shape with us here at the Rug Establishment, which can be made to order. The choice is yours depending on budget, going bespoke can be a great way to ensure you get exactly what you're after; colour, size, and material.

Custom shape rug, angular, wool, luxury
Custom Angular Rug

Square rugs are known for creating balance while retaining elements of a classic rug shape. These are perfect for mirroring the proportions of square rooms or pairing perfectly with similarly shaped lounge settings or dining tables. 

Think out of the box and have a rug made to fit the angles in your room or space - everything is possible!

All our designs can be customised to any size to suit your needs and budget. Don't hesitate to reach out for more information - we are here to help.

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