Rugs: Their Unending Usefulness

13 February 2023

Homes need rugs for many reasons, here are just a few!

They can dramatically change an often drab and boring hallway by creating a visual pathway connecting spaces. Using corresponding colours or patterns in the hallway helps to connect the rooms of a home and reinforce your style and unify a visual connection.

Hand knotted, wool and silk, eclectic, textured, runner, blue and neutral
Modi Custom
Unique, pink, neutral, transitional design, wool and silk, handknotted rug
Faisal Pink

Rugs are also the perfect solution to sound absorption, especially if you have tile or timber floors. They deaden the sound of footsteps within your home and also for neighbours below you if living in an apartment.

Unique, one off, wool and silk, neutral, grey hues, hand knotted rug
Tinaco Grey

Many rugs are truly works of art, and some are so special that hanging them on the wall is the best way to enjoy them. They not only provide a decorative element but can also help to absorb sound from adjoining rooms and neighbours.

Geometric, wool, pink, grey, neutral luxury rug
Inkaterra Mellow

Rugs define spaces and are very useful in open plan homes to help give character to each area. They help anchor the furniture, reinforce the design theme and connect all the elements and spaces in the home.

Geometric, overlapping design, bold, vivid, wool rug
Fractal Vivid

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