Spotlight on Milford

27 June 2022

If you are looking for a range that is versatile, complimentary to most interiors and exudes sophistication, then look no further than our Milford collection.

Our team members all LOVE this range! Many are very lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to India and personally visit the mill in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, where this collection is handmade by some very talented artisans.
Agra is well known as a destination to visit the world famous and most magical monument to love, the Taj Mahal.

Sara and Sarah at the Taj mahal

The Milford range hot off the press at the mill in Agra.

Milford Range
Milfords ready for dispatch

These rugs are truly crafted for life and just like the Taj Mahal, a lot of love and care is put into their creation.

The below image showcases our Milford Blue rug in it's new home under the dining table in one of our clients homes.

NZ Wool, low pile, hand knotted, blue rug
Milford Blue

A Milford rug can easily be selected as the hero piece in a project or as a complementary pairing with a more decorative piece within the home.
When we have the opportunity to chat about the Milford collection to our clients there is an extensive list of highlights :
● Exceptional quality
● Handcrafted traditional Persian knot
● Easy to maintain, can be spot cleaned and washed by professional cleaners when required
● 100% wool rug option as well as limited edition options incorporating silk
● Colour options available
● Hard wearing and perfect for high traffic areas
● Subtle grass design with wonderful variation that will hide a multitude of sins ● Great for all areas of the home, living, dining, media, bedrooms, entry, hallways ● Multiple size options as stock including runners
● Rugs can be made to order in custom size and shape.
● Can take time to make but is well worth the wait

NZ Wool, low pile, hand knotted, rich rainbow tones, hard wearing rug
Milford Rainbow
NZ Wool, low pile, hand knotted, subtle greys, browns and neutrals rug
Milford Spanish Light
NZ Wool, low pile, hand knotted, multi coloured rug
Milford Transition Runner

NZ Wool and Silk, low pile, hand knotted, rich jewel toned rug
Milford Mystique….with a dash of silk incorporated into the wool…

What can we say, we love our Milfords! Hope you have enjoyed our guided tour and also fall in love with this beautiful collection.

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