Striped Rugs

3 May 2021

Striped Rugs

Have you ever worn a horizontal striped shirt and wondered why you looked a little wider than usual? This same concept carries over to interior decoration!

black geometric rug
Nasser Black

Striped patterns on your floors work the same way as they do on our clothing - visually lengthening and widening. Depending on whether you want the room to appear wider or longer will dictate how you lay the rug.

To lengthen your room you will lay the rug with the stripes vertically.

light grey striped outdoor rug
Vida Miami

light brown beige luxury outdoor rug
Vida Arizona
blue yellow brown beige striped rug
Asher Flaxen
luxury rug
Oriana Range

For the appearance of extra width in a room you will lay the rug with the stripes running horizontally.

Charcoal grey luxury rug
Nasser Range

red blue, grey black yellow striped rug
Milford Mystique
Milford Transition
Milford Range

Visit The Rug Establishment showrooms to view the current luxury striped rugs, or create your own custom striped rug.

bright yellow blue pink orange blue luxury striped rug
Fractal Vivid

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