Top 7 Rugs to liven up your home

8 February 2022

Whether you are looking for bright, bold or strong designs there is always a luxury rug that will breathe life into any space.

1. Carnaval - For its bright splash of colours and super soft silk

Vivid, multi coloured, silk rug
Carnaval Sunset

2 . Bidjar - High quality, richly coloured, unique patterns

Unique designs, rich colours, deep red, ochre wool rugs
Bidjar Awaken

3. Claremont - Abstract throws of colour with depth and texture

Desert colours, wool and silk rug
Claremont Desert

4. Melba - Patterns within patterns, each rug displaying multiple-colour ranges

Textured, blue tones, wool rug
Melba Denim

5. Ink Graphite - Bold, strong monochromatic design

Bold, black, splashes of cream, wool rug
Ink Graphite

6. Fractal Vivid - Eye catching bright geometric stripes

Geometric, bold and bright, wool rug
Fractal Vivid

7. Deheem French Rose - Vivid flashes of colour

Wool and Silk, vibrant, multi coloured rug
Deheem French Rose

Can’t quite find the perfect rug for your space? Come and meet with our showroom specialists who can help you design your own, unique, custom rug to liven up your room in all the right ways!

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