I am allergic to Wool and do not like Art Silk, what can you recommend?

14 February 2022

A great alternative to wool and art silk is 100% PET.

PET, outdoor rug, organic, gold tones
Vida Arizona

PET fibre is a polyester fibre crafted from recycled plastic bottles.

Outdoor rug, PET, soft grey tones
Aperto Cloud

The fibre is not only durable and soft to the touch it’s also an ecologically sustainable option, a great choice for the environmentally conscious.

Outdoor Rug, PET, soft grey tones
Aperto Charcoal

PET fibre can tolerate the elements therefore a suitable option for both outdoor and indoor use.

Outdoor Rug, PET soft gold tones
Vida Arizona

To clean and maintain a rug made from PET fibre is very simple. Vacuum regularly and when needed, take the rug outside, hose down and let dry.

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