Why we use New Zealand & Argentinian wool

20 September 2021

The use of both New Zealand and Argentinian yarn in our rugs isn’t just to sound pleasant to the ears, it also serves an important purpose when it comes to durability.

Animals from colder climates such as New Zealand and Argentina produce higher amounts of lanolin.

New Zealand Sheep

What is lanolin you ask & Why is it important?

Lanolin is a wax-like oil that is derived from the glands and then into the wool of the sheep - it acts as a type of waterproof insulation from the cold that enables the wool to grow longer and stronger which is very important when weaving the yarn together. If we were to use sheep from warmer climates their wool would be far shorter and coarser resulting in shedding during the spinning process and consequently shedding in rug.

Argentinian Sheep

So...now that you understand the importance of animals from cold climates, you grasp the impact their precious lanolin has on your rug. From the shearing of the sheep to laying the rug down in your home the end product is a naturally stain-resistant rug that can negotiate the toughest of spills AND the maximum amount of foot traffic (Without shedding).

Let’s all say it together; THAAANK YOU SHEEP

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