Do you sell Persian Rugs?

13 September 2021

Traditional silk multi coloured luxury rug
Amari Coral

The simple answer is yes we do!

The Rug Establishment's artisans have a long tradition of manufacturing hand made Persian knotted rugs. Their distinguished history hails all the way back to the early 1920's as they were one of the first rug manufacturers in Bhadohi, India to be discovered by English businessmen in their search for quality Persian rug weavers. So impressed with what they saw, it was the start of a beautiful relationship producing unique rugs for exclusive companies such as Harrods in London. Renowned for their rich colours and unique designs, Persian knotted rugs are made with all-natural wool and silk yarns rather than synthetic materials. Due to their painstaking craftsmanship and length of time to weave the knots by hand, Persian rugs are highly regarded for their quality and durability. At The Rug Establishment we take pride in educating our customers on the history of Persian knotted rugs and the artisans that create them. What makes the rugs even more special is the knowledge that each one of the rug knots is hand tied by the individual weaver and the understanding of just how impressive the level of detail is that can be found in each unique rug produced.

Traditional wool highly patterned multi coloured rug
Samira Jewel

There are many different styles of Persian rugs from traditional bordered designs, grass designs, rugs with raised silk highlights, bright Indian Sari Silk rugs and also modern abstract designs for a more contemporary home.
The Rug Establishment has a wide range of Persian rugs in stock or bespoke designs that can be made to order in yarns & colours of your choice. Below is a short list of some of our current Persian rug collections that will hopefully open your eyes to the possibilities and get those creative juices flowing.

The rugs speak for themselves.....enjoy!

A Unique Tradition

Traditional wool rug with rich ochre, grey, brown and blue tones
Bidjar Sweep

Timeless Treasures

Luxurious silk pink and cream traditional rug
Essentia Blush
Traditional wool highly patterned multi coloured rug
Samira Jewel

Modern Splendour

Wool and silk luxurious rug. Gold, pearl and silver tones.
Cumulus Pearl Gold

Modern Transitional

Ombre wool rug - green and sea blue tones
Emori Sea
Ombre wool rug - rich burgundy and orange tones
Milford Rainbow
Textured wool rug - blue, turquoise
Melba Turquoise
Ombre wool  rug - orange and blue
Melba Sunset Blue

Contact us in store and one of our design consultants will assist with a bespoke Persian rug.

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