Winter is here - Time to Rug Up!

19 July 2021

With winter well and truly apparent now, everyone's trying to keep warm as the temperatures drop both during the day and at night.

Luxurious, soft, green mohair rug
Tenero Cardamom

Rugs are great insulators on polished surface floors and also add character and texture to help with feeling ‘cosy’.

Custom luxury rug

Woollen rugs are largely popular during these times because of their great heat insulation properties, having a rug with a higher pile will also add to the comfort factor. The thicker your wool rugs, the better the level of insulation.

Luxurious deep wine coloured mohair rug
Tenero Claret

Whilst adding a rug to your space will assist with energy cost reduction during cooler months it will also help in warmer months.

Traditional patterned luxury rug
Bidjar Sweep

Having any type of rug in your home, will help regulate temperature and humidity. Regulating humidity is critical during the winter months to prevent mould and health implications.

Multi coloured ombre wool rug
Milford Transition

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