The Rug Fibres Glossary

27 July 2021

Acrylic – A man-made fibre.

Art silk – Artificial silk yarn used for weaving that is made from cotton, rayon or polyester that resembles silk.

Bulk Continuous Filament (BFC) – Synthetic yarns processed by a mechanical means to fluff them out before tufting or weaving.

Blend – Composed of more than one kind of fibre.

Cotton ­– Cotton is a natural fibre of great durability and strength, ideal for spinning and is often used in rugs for backing, fringes and sometimes mercerised cotton is used for pile.

Duracord – Man-made industrial yarn that is virtually indistinguishable from cotton. This fabric is great for customers requiring cotton-like softness, with durability when left outdoors for long periods.

Nylon – Nylon is a durable synthetic fibre that also has good dyeing characteristics. Nylon yarns can be solution dyed, skin dyed or space dyed.

Polyester – Synthetic fibre most often used in staple spun yarns.

Polypropylene – Petroleum-based synthetic materials derived from propylene and ethylene gases. It is often heat-set to guarantee vibrant colour, long lasting beauty and easy maintenance. It is quick drying and mildew, soil and stain resistant.

Silk – A premium fibre that comes from the cocoon of silkworms.

Sisal – Plant of the genus Agave that yields a fiber often used for making natural rope. Sometimes referred to as hemp, sisal is not actually hemp but a fiber that resembles it.

Synthetic fibres – Synthetic fibers are used exclusively in machine-made rugs. These fibres are non-porous, meaning that they are inherently stain proof. They resist staining from almost any chemical. They are very durable, yet they feel soft and are incredibly easy to maintain.

Wool – Acquired from the hair of sheep, goats and a selection of other domesticated animals, including alpacas.

Worsted wool – An extra step in wool processing that combs out shorter fibres resulting in durable and lustrous yarns.

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