Zara Grass Midnight

13 April 2018

Zara Grass is hand knotted from wool for softness and durability. With varying patterns arranged in stripes in cool blue tones, Zara Grass Midnight Blue complements a wide range of styles. Style it with dark, moody tones for a dramatic look, with bright decor or pastels for a warm, summer vibe or with neutrals for a crisp, coastal feel.

midnight blue luxury rug
Zara Grass Midnight blue

The stripes in Zara Grass while non-traditional, still acts like magnets for the eyes by creating a focal point and instantly adds personality to a room. In addition, the variation in tone gives Zara Grass an interesting dimensional look. This hand knotted rug is currently available in 2400mm x 3000mm and 2700mm by 3600mm sizes along with custom. 

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