Are your rugs easy to clean?

5 July 2021

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Cleaning Luxury Rugs

A common question when purchasing a rug is “are they easy to clean?”

Obviously there is no hard and fast answer to this as there are many factors that will need to be considered, not least of which is what actually needs cleaned! Generally day to day maintenance of a high quality rug only involves gentle vacuuming, spills and stains are a different proposition.

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Cleaning of High End Rugs

The Rug Establishment has a number of options available in terms of fibres we like to use in the manufacture of our rugs.

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Cleaning of large rugs

We pride ourselves on the standard of our yarns and fibres as much as we do on the quality of our weaving and customer service.

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Cleaning large rugs

Wool, Mohair, Chinese Silk & Indian Silk are the best fibres in terms of hardiness, longevity and ease of care. These kinds of fibres are fairly robust and small spills can be spot cleaned with a small amount of PH neutral soap and lukewarm water if required.

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Cleaning different fibre rugs

Should there be a large spill or stain we always recommend that the rug be taken to a professional cleaner - we have contact details for recommended cleaners on our website.

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Rugs that are made from Bamboo & Art Silk tend to need a little extra care. If they are being placed in high traffic areas i.e. living rooms or hallways, they are best treated with a Fibre Protection which creates a shield allowing additional time to attend to the spill. These rugs are best to be professionally cleaned when necessary.

When is Fibre protection required?
As all our rugs are handmade, and consist of different fibres, some lend themselves to the additional protection more than others.
With a wool rug, there are still remnants of lanolin within the fibres which serves as its own natural built-in protection.

As rugs are placed in different environments they will need to be cared for accordingly, so if a light-coloured wool rug is being used in a high traffic living space or dining area, fibre protection would be recommended to assist in providing an additional barrier. This gives the homeowner extra time to treat the area or even have this professionally cleaned.

If a rug is predominantly art silk, or all art silk, fibre protection is always recommended due to the nature and absorbency of the yarn.
Applying Fibre Protection will assist in creating an extra layer of protection that will give the homeowner additional reassurance and peace of mind.

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