Balayage - 50 Shades of Wool

12 September 2022

Sunsets, reflections on lakes, rainbows… everyone loves the lyrical serenity of an Ombre design. Shades melding from dark to light and light to dark create a calm sense of zen.

Balyage, light to dark, wool and silk rug
Custom Balyage

To achieve a gradation in a rug, we need to dye many colours with very subtle shade shifts and introduce the next colour, one thread at a time in increments to create the effect.

Custom wool and silk, ombre rugs
Balyage Samples

This used to be only possible in silk, as the reflective nature of silk helps create the blending illusion. But now, also available in a beautiful 100% NZ Wool, we have created the customisable 100-knot Balayage Collection in Gold, Peridot, Ruby, and Sapphire.

Ombre, wool and silk, balyage, luxury rug
Custom Skylar

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