Hang your Rug - A Unique Piece of Art

27 February 2023

Hanging a rug on your wall can be a truly unique way to transform a room. Our rugs are handmade works of art and as such make a stunning feature as a wall hanging. They can add a variety of colours and styles from contemporary to traditional, as well as offering a range of textures that ooze visual intrigue.

Traditional, transitional, tribal, neutral, charcoal, motif, hand knotted rug
Jamila Bone

Unlike a canvas or a printed artwork, a rug can be hung for many years then taken down and placed on the floor as a beautiful functional rug - making it an incredibly versatile artwork.

With a tightly hand knotted rug it will essentially ‘self heal’ when any nails used to hang it are removed, making it virtually impossible to notice it was ever done.

Vibrant, pink, orange, charcoal, wool and silk, luxury hand knotted rug
Deheem French Rose

It is also a great value investment, for a cost comparable to a large painting you will have a dual purpose artwork - unlike a rug canvas doesn’t work too well on the floor!

Unique, Wool and Silk, hand knotted, motif, transitional
Capsule Collection

So make the next artwork on your wall a rug and you will have a unique, handmade piece that will last a lifetime.

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