Mellow Yellow

7 November 2022

Yellow is the colour of happiness and joy!

Soft mustard yellow, slate grey, deep gold and pearl silver wool and silk rug
Eminent Guilded

It evokes energy and cheerfulness in many whilst bringing out creativity in others. Some even say that the colour yellow makes it easier to learn - stimulating mentality and perception.

Gold wool or silk ombre custom rug
Ombre Golden Custom Rug

Yellow inspires curiosity and boosts enthusiasm and confidence.

Incorporating the colour yellow into your rug can bring brightness into your living space and lift the mood in a positive way!

Gold wool and Silk, neutral highlights, custom colours
Mimi Yellow Custom Rug

People can be drawn to either yellow or gold colours as the dominant feature of their rug, or just as an accent colour to highlight certain areas of a design.

Yellow or gold represents happiness, sun, wealth, and power, historically  a difficult colour to make with dye, these colours were sparingly used and kept mostly for those who were wealthy.

One of a kinf, wool and silk luxury bronze, gold rug
Vicenza Bronze

In today’s modern society, choosing to have yellow or gold in your rug is accessible to all and can bring happiness and cheerful energy to your space.

If you are looking at adding some sunshine into your life, we have plenty of rugs in store incorporating this magnificent colour. 

Luxury wool and silk rug, shades of grey with gold highlights
Marmo Grey Gold

If you are unable to find your dream yellow rug in stock, don’t despair; we have plenty of beautiful designs that can be easily customised in a yellow or gold colour way. Our bespoke custom process is expertly guided by our in-house specialists and is an inspiring experience.

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We have several shades of yellow wool and silk pom colours in store to select from.

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