Rugs for Small Spaces

1 May 2023

What type of rug is best for a small room?

When decorating a small room, it is important to choose furniture and decorations that do not overwhelm the space. One way to add depth and visual weight without taking up too much room is by using a well-chosen rug.

Custom hand knotted round rug, wool and silk, coral design, grey and silver luxury rug
Custom Coral

There are numerous rug options available that are suitable for different spaces, ranging from single colour silk rugs that exude luxury to a traditional rug that add a unique element of its own to your home décor without overpowering the area.

Custom rug, scalloped edges, gold highlights, small spaces, luxury rug
Custom Scalloped Edge

What should be the ideal size of a rug for a small room?

In a small room, it’s vital to maintain the proportion of the furniture concerning the size of the rug. If you are using a large rug, there are various ways to accomplish this. Placing rugs on either side of the room can create balance and symmetry in your living space, making your ceiling appear taller.

Custom hand knotted round rug, grey and black, animal print
Custom Round

Alternatively, if there is only room for one rug, we suggest opting for something smaller but still substantial, such as a 1600mm x 2300mm sized rug.

Hand knotted wool rug, low pile, durable, striated design, red, blue grey, transitional
Milford Transition

Do light or dark rugs make a room larger?

A light or neutral coloured rug will have the effect of making a room look larger, cream, white and light grey tones can do wonders for a dark space.

Custom hand loomed rug, wool and silk, textured, gold luxury
Custom Serrano

This does not mean however that darker rugs do not have a place in a small room - if you are looking to create an intimate, warm feeling then a darker rug will suit your needs.

Hand knotted, wool and silk, geometric design, grey and pink
Custom Conway

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