Sencillo Rug Range

30 August 2021

Our Sencillo is a range made of exotic Argentinian wool which creates a rug you will love to touch. This range is for those looking for a natural or Scandinavian colour way. It has a relaxed tone and texture. Available in 12 stock colours and custom options.

Black - variations of black creating a visual pattern

Black ombre wool rug
Sencillo Black

Bone - a light beige that keeps the room light and airy

Neutral tones, ombre rug
Sencillo Bone

Emerald - a deep rich green that exudes the feeling of luxury

Luxurious ombre green rug
Sencillo Emerald

Grey - a cool colour with a strie that creates a textured look

tones of grey, ombre rug
Sencillo Grey

Lagoon - a beautiful blue that you envisage seeing in a lagoon

deep blue ombre rug
Sencillo Lagoon

Olive - the soft tone of the leaves on an olive tree

Olive green ombre rug
Sencillo Olive

Musk - a subtle pink

Subtle pink tones. ombre rug
Sencillo Musk

Plum - a delightful shade of purple

Rich plum ombre rug
Sencillo Plum

Royal Blue - the blue of luxury

Elegant Royal Blue ombre rug
Sencillo Royal Blue

Saffron - a soft golden yellow with ochre tones

Subtle yellow saffron rug
Sencillo Saffron

Taupe - the colour of the underneath of a brown pink mushroom

Neutral Taupe ombre rug
Sencillo Taupe

Sea salt - soft greys with hues of green

Subtle sea tone green ombre rug
Sencillo Sea Salt

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