Spotlight on Claremont

8 August 2022

The Claremont, a rug that evokes a myriad of emotions and impressions

whenever it is laid out in a space. The rug itself has a unique and

forward-thinking design which takes its inspiration from Perth’s very own

Cottesloe Beach.

Rich Teal, sea tones, silver and sand colour highlights, wool and silk rug
Claremont Teal

It all started in Perth where one of our client’s wanted a rug that is

inspired by the ocean, however not to a point where all you see is water.

It had to be something which embodies the beauty the ocean offers but

can also be something entirely different on its own.

Deep blue, silver and bronze highlights, wool and silk rug
Claremont Sea

With all that said, Claremont's inception didn’t happen overnight. It

took our team several months to come up with a design that not only

takes its roots from the elegance of the oceans but also encompasses

multiple aspects which will make this rug stand in a class of its own.

Desert colours, silver highlights, wool and silk rug
Claremont Desert

Our designers decided to have a few after work drinks in Cottesloe

beach to wind down and celebrate the end of the week. As the sun was

about to set, that was when the perfect golden moment came. The sun

just barely sitting on top of the horizon as it was about to set is where

the final piece needed for the design concept was formed.

Wool and silk luxury rug, neutral, beige tones
Claremont Linen

The product you see now is the fruition of our team’s passion for

creating a contemporary and forward-thinking approach to this design.

A mix of Wool and Silk gives this rug the perfect balance between

warm and cool tones to create a surreal feeling of earthy tranquillity.

The design now has mixed reactions in terms of what it looks like. Some

have claimed it look like the sky and some have claimed it looked like a

map of the world. 

Luxury wool and silk rug, neutral base with silver and blue highlights
Claremont Silver

This simply shows the team have clearly nailed the

design brief as the rug itself can be interpreted into different forms but

will always remain true to its concept of showcasing the beauty of the


Over the years the design has evolved and now encompasses a number of colour variations with numerous other custom options created. The Claremont really is one of our most versatile designs.

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