Transform your space with a Stair Runner

18 July 2022

Our handcrafted custom made stair runners are a striking visual design element and also practical for comfort and safety. They can help prevent slipping on the stairs, as well as maintaining a pleasant temperature to walk on, while feeling and looking incredibly luxurious.

Stair Runner, Greek Key, Green, Neutral Wool rug
Greek Key Custom

Stair runners can also help to greatly reduce the sound of footsteps throughout the space as wool is a fantastic natural sound insulator, especially coupled with a felt layer between the stairs and the runner. Due to wool’s density and elastic properties, it converts sound into heat energy, which provides excellent thermal insulation and noise dissipation.

Black and Gold, wool, stair runner
Custom Design

Along with its many practical advantages a stair runner can really transform the visual landscape of a space and bring a lot of depth and character.

Stair Runner, Black and White, wool rug
Custom Kazan

Being able to customise the design, size and colour gives us the ability to help you find the best fit to compliment the building's design.

Stair runner, tufted, wool custom rug
Custom Design

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