We can Sing a Rainbow - or at least our rugs can!

30 January 2023

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue

(bet you sang that didn’t you?)

Just like the words of a favourite childhood song, the colours of the rainbow serve to evoke memories and emotions - at The Rug Establishment we have options to suit every one of them:

Red - Passion, Love, Strength

Wool and Sari Silk, hand knotted, rich reds and subtle orange, luxury rug
Anisa Red

Yellow - Happiness, Hope, Fun

Handwoven Argentinian wool, abrash effect, saffron yellow high pile rug
Sencillo Saffron

Pink - Calm, Intuition, Creativity

Textured, hand woven, New Zealand wool, pink, blush rug
Barbary Blush

Green - New Beginnings, Abundance, Nature

Tenero Cardamom

Purple - Creativity, Royalty, Wealth

Sencillo Plum

Orange - Energy, Happiness, Vitality

Claremont Desert

Blue - Confidence, Trust, Purpose

Bellano Petrol

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