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Neutral tones, Beige and Taupe Floor Rugs

11 June 2020

Subtle colours such as neutral tones, beige and taupe used in decor can often be the feeling that you are striving for. Neutral colours also known as sand, brown, earth, latte, pulls together other neutral toned pieces of furniture to create a...

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Buying rugs in Sydney - Sydney's favourite rugs

5 June 2020

Buying Rugs in Sydney is easy at The Rug Establishment Waterloo. The showroom has a large range of rugs for you to view and purchase. The team are also incredibly knowledgeable and if you can't find the perfect floor rug, they can help you...

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Golden Luxury Rugs creates hues of warmth

3 June 2020

The first recorded use of golden as a colour name in English was in 1300 to refer to the element gold and in 1423 to refer to blonde hair (source Wikipedia). Since then the word golden has been used to refer to something of high value and is...

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The Hall Runner - A Good First Impression

29 May 2020

The entry and hallway offer the first impression of your home as well as acting as the visual pathway to other rooms. Often bare and devoid of furnishing, you can have some fun introducing pattern and colour in the form of a runner to complement...

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How a rug is made from design to delivery!

15 May 2020

What Design?

So you have decided you need a rug! What next? There are hundreds of options available to you but nothing is’ just right’. This is not the end of your journey but rather the beginning of something special - a bespoke custom rug...

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What fibres should I use to make a custom rug?

6 May 2020

Beautiful sari silk yarn ready for making a handcrafted rug

The best fibre to use in your custom rug is dictated by a number of factors:

* Design

* Volume of traffic

* Area of use

* Personal choice etc

Colourful POM kit which is used to select the...

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Mmmmm Mohair Rugs

27 April 2020

Cooler Autumnal weather heralds the coming of Winter and we inevitably look to creating an ambience of warmth and cosiness in our homes.

The hand knotted Mohair rugs we offer are the ultimate soft and luxurious element you need.

Mohair rugs are...

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Longing for Longevity in interior design and rugs!

9 April 2020

We're seeing a bigger push toward the idea of longevity in the interior design field. Clients are wanting to fill their homes with things that will literally last for generations.

Hand-crafted, custom rugs have always been made on just that...

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